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Jugalbandi Classic:

Baghdaddy-O: Entire Song (3:50), 7.4MB

Uncle Sun: Excerpt #1 (1:17), 1.8MB; Excerpt #2 (1:07), 1.6MB; Excerpt #3 (0:58), 1.4MB

Atomic Research In The Quiet Bunker: Excerpt #1 (1:17), 1.8MB; Excerpt #2 (1:25), 2.0MB

Darkland Express: Excerpt (0:46), 1.1MB

Under The Jam: Excerpt #1 (0:59), 1.4MB; Excerpt #2 (1:02), 1.5MB; Excerpt #3 (1:04), 1.5MB

Jugalbandi 2003:

from Night Crazy:

Night Crazy: Entire Song (16:43), 15.6MB; Edit #1 (1:06), 1MB); Edit #2 (1:29), 1.4MB

The Lost Transit Center: Entire Song (12:17), 11.5MB; Edit #1 (1:30), 1.4MB

Beanwater Junction, Part 1: Entire Song (3:29), 3.2MB

from Laydown Delivery:

Laydown Delivery: Edit #1 (2:01), 1.9MB

The Madagascar Wombat: Entire Song (1:53), 1.7MB

from Bid For Legitimacy:

Purple Cabbage Moments: Edit #1 (1:39), 1.6MB

Fully Implemented: Edit #1 (2:24), 2.3MB

 from Mount Pinatubo Sunsets:

Atmospheric Distortion, Part 1: Edit #1 (2:32), 2.4MB

Checkered Synthetics, Part 2: Entire Song (14:55), 13.6MB

Jugalbandi 2000:

from The View Is Better From The Top Of The Food Chain:

The View Is Better From The Top Of The Food Chain: Entire Song (16:38), 6.79MB; Excerpt 1, 332k;
Excerpt 2: 414k

Moving Towards Kyoto: Excerpt, 381k

Erwin Park: Entire song (2:52), 1.21 MB; Excerpt, 396k

Rest Stop: Excerpt, 393k

Reciprocal Demonology: Excerpt, 375k

The Toast Beckons: Excerpt, 375k

Castle Bravo: Excerpt 1, 440k; Excerpt 2, 398k; Excerpt 3, 449k; Excerpt 4, 447k


from Yellow Star Mailing List:

Remembering Precognition: Excerpt, 424k

Dreaming In The 9th: Excerpt, 407k

Previously Disenchanted: Excerpt, 471k

Valley Plaza: Excerpt, 295k

Gidget Goes Canine: Excerpt, 435k


the copyright on all material is held by the artists (©Segal/Sosnow, 2000), as is the publishing (Homeless/BMI).




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