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10/04/09: Greg and Hyam proudly announce the arrival of the first release from Dog Neutral. This four-piece progressive-rock/improvisational powerhouse was the band Greg and Hyam called home (and many other things) from December, 1989 through July, 1992. The 2-CD set features two hours of music culled from throughout Dog Neutral's history, and includes several songs that became Dog Neutral classics, seminal versions of Jugalbandi standards like "Clear Day" and "Baghdaddy-O", and some long IL1 improvisations that rank among the best music that Greg and Hyam have ever made. There is well over 200 hours of Dog Neutral music in the can, along with several hours of live and in-studio video, so consider this set an appetizer for things to come.

05/12/08: Aural Innovations has just posted a review of Jugalbandi Classic.

03/26/08: Announcing the arrival of Tickling The Dragon's Tail, a progressive-rock suite written by Hyam R. Sosnow and performed by him on drumset, Mellotron, tabla, synthesizer, manipulated loops and field recording. This is Hyam's first exploration into composition and performance using keyboard instruments (the Mellotron has always been his 'second love'), and is his first foray into musical creation using Acid Pro 6 software.

01/07/08: Announcing the arrival of Laurel Rose Segal (aka “Lulu”) on December 26, 2007. Lulu is perfectly healthy; Papa and Mama Segal are proud and sleep-deprived. Uncle Hyam has already sent Lulu her very own CD featuring lots of jazz and prog rock. (No sense mucking-about with baby music.)

12/11/07: The Sounds page now has a whole slew of cuts from Jugalbandi Classic, so come on in, download a few and feel the burn.

12/9/07: Announcing the arrival of Jugalbandi Classic, a new collection that documents the birth of Jugalbandi back in 1993. The assembled five songs span the gamut from a near-IL6 that barely hits 4 minutes all the way to a 30-minute IL1, and include what Greg and Hyam consider to be their jazz/rock fusion pièce de résistance, "Under The Jam".

10/22/07: Bryan Davis' introduction to his interview with Greg and Hyam has been updated.

10/10/07: Work is proceeding with the mastering of "Jugalbandi Classic", a collection of pieces recorded by Greg and Hyam in the spring of 1993, before Greg left L.A. in search of a friendlier (and damper) climate. The overall recording quality of the material is quite good, and the disc will contain definitive versions of a couple of familiar Jugalbandi pieces, along with a couple of surprises. Expect the completed CD to be available here before the end of the year.

3/13/07: A whole mess o' Hyam's postings to the old Cream2005 bulletin boards have been added to Hyam's Writings . Lots of musings on drummers, drums and of course, on Cream (Hyam's favorite band).

10/14/06: The Sounds page now has a full assortment of complete songs and song excerpts from all four discs of Jugalbandi's 2003 sessions. More neat-o stuff is coming, so check back soon.

10/13/06: We've added complete songs from "Laydown Delivery" and "Mount Pinatubo Sunsets" to the Sounds page. Hyam is also busy creating some smaller edits from different pieces, and will get those posted soon.

10/06/06: The Sounds page now has samples from "Night Crazy" from the 2003 sessions. Right now 3 complete songs are available for downloading. Stay tuned for more excerpts from the 2003 sessions along with samples from "The Cram And Stuff Method" and both "Jugalbandi: 1999" discs.

9/18/06: Aural Innovations has just posted reviews of "Bid For Legitimacy" and "Mount Pinatubo Sunsets". And there's a new (!) review of "The View Is Better From The Top Of The Food Chain" at Progressiveears.com. (Click the link above, then click on the Reviews link on their home page to navigate to the "J" page of their CD reviews.)

2/25/06: More of Hyam's musical excursions have been added to The Hyam Pages, including a piece created solely on Sonic Foundry's Acid Rock software back in 1999.

2/24/06: The Hyam Pages now features samples of Hyam's solo music (which is naturally, mostly solo drum pieces). The first is a drum solo played live at Be-Bop Records in 1989. (More will follow.)

2/9/06: Announcing the arrival of "Mount Pinatubo Sunsets", the fourth and final CD from the 2003 sessions.

On the airplay front, Gagliarchives (www.gagliarchives.com) featured the tracks "Night Crazy" and "Pleasure Circle" (from the CD Night Crazy) at the start of their 12/17 show.

1/2/06: "Mount Pinatubo Sunsets", the fourth CD from the 2003 sessions, is currently being mastered and will be ready for release by the end of January.

12/16/05: Announcing the arrival of "Bid For Legitimacy", the third CD from the 2003 Jugalbandi sessions.

7/13/05: There is a review up now at Aural Innovations for "Laydown Delivery".

Progressive Palace Radio has added all tracks from "View Is Better From The Top Of The Food Chain" and "Cram And Stuff Method".

6/21/05: Screamin' Streamin Audio's 4/14 show featured the title track from "Laydown Delivery".

Progressive Palace Radio, an online prog station, now has any track from the following albums available on request:


Jugalbandi/Night Crazy

I'll be sending them more soon. If you care to try before you buy, or want to satisfy your curiosity about any of these albums, make a track request and they'll play it for you. They also have a really good sized collection of other prog-oriented music you can do the same with. Check 'em out!

Melo's ProgBazaar is an excellent online forum site. They've put up forums for both Jugalbandi and Greg Segal solo. There's a possibility to schedule an online chat with fans through them, we'll be looking into it.

Now that the dust is settling out at Greg Segal's new Phantom Airship facility, Hyam Sosnow says he'll be finishing up the master CD and graphics for the next CD from the Jugalbandi 2003 sessions, "Bid For Legitimacy". We hope to have it available by the end of next month.

We've been informed by Jerry Kranitz, CEO (Chief Extraterrestrial Overlord) of Aural Innovations, that there should be a review of Jugalbandi's "Laydown Delivery" online at their next site update at the end of this month. You can bet we'll be posting a link here.  


3/5/05: Bryan Davis' interview with Jugalbandi has been reposted.


3/4/05: There's a great review at industrial.org of Jugalbandi's "Night Crazy" CD.

The 3/3 Screamin' Streamin Audio features Jugalbandi's "Muted Craters", from "Laydown Delivery".


1/27/05: Bryan Davis is shopping the article/interview to other sites to obtain maximum exposure for all; so for the moment it has been taken down.


1/23/05: Bryan Davis has done an overview and interview with Jugalbandi.


1/13/05: "Muted Craters", from "Laydown Delivery", is turning out to be a popular track: it kicks off the current Screamin' Streamin Audio show, and was also Saturday/Sunday's Adventures In Plasticland.


12/27/04: All 17 minutes of the title track from The View Is Better From The Top Of The Food Chain kicks off Screamin' Streamin Audio's 12/27 show. Check it out!

Also, today marks the first installment of Bryan Davis' Visionary Encounters with Jugalbandi music. He kicks things off with a short but potent rumination on the title track of "Night Crazy".


12/16/04: Announcing the arrival of "Laydown Delivery", the 2nd CD from the '03 Jugalbandi sessions.


10/25/04: Airplay on Adventures In Plasticland: the 10/24 show ended with "The Lost Transit Center" from the "Night Crazy" CD.

Jugalbandi's "Erwin Park (jam)", from "The View Is Better From The Top Of The Food Chain", was played on the 10/21 show of Screamin' Streamin Audio.



The 9/4 show of Adventures In Plasticland ended with "Approaching Readiness", from "The Cram And Stuff Method" CD.

Drug Music played Jugalbandi's "Successfully Assimilated", from the "Night Crazy" CD, on the 9/8 show.


7/10/04: There's a new review of "Night Crazy" at Improvijazzation Nation; and the 7/8 edition of Screamin' Streamin Audio features that album's "Successfully Assimilated" as its first song.


6/23/04: The latest Aural Innovations Radio show (#105) features "Defeat Garbanzo Medallion" from Night Crazy.


6/17/04: There's a cool review of "Night Crazy" at Aural Innovations; there's a review of the Jugalbandi: 1999 discs in the latest issue of Expose' (#29); and Adventures In Plasticland played "Rest Stop" (from "The View Is Better From The Top Of The Food Chain") on 5/30. The part of Larry was played by Milford Von Peep.


5/20/04: Screamin' Streamin Audio 's 5/17 show featured "The Lost Transit Center", from Night Crazy . Coming up: mastering is almost done on the next CD of the 2003 sessions. "Laydown Delivery".


4/23/04: Drug Music's show for this date features "Beanwater Junction pt. 2" from Night Crazy.


4/19/04: Night Crazy, the first release from the 2003 sessions, now available! Also: check out the cool new reviews at ProgressoR of Jugalbandi: 1999 and Jugalbandi: 1999 Deep Cuts!


4/1/04: Screamin' Streamin Audio 's show for this date features the 23 minute "Castle Bravo" in its entirety, from the Jugalbandi 2000 CD "The View Is Better From The Top Of The Food Chain".


3/29/04: "Night Crazy", the first of the '03 sessions, coming soon! Meanwhile, check out this excellent review of the Hyam Sosnow solo CD, "The Teller-Ulam Configuration", at Aural Innovations.


11/20/03: New Jugalbandi sessions in late September/early October have left us with enough good material to do 4 CDs in '04. With these new recordings, our aim was to go beyond our normal drum/guitar setup and incorporate more instruments, more sounds, and more directions for the music- with it still being just the two of us playing everything live to DAT, mostly improvised. Almost nothing over an IL2 in these sessions! Look for further details here soon.

"Dreaming In The 9th" from Yellow Star Mailing List was played on Christopher Curry's "Nature Abhors A Vacuum" show, 9/28.

Can anyone out there read Italian? If so, maybe you would translate this retrospective piece about Jugalbandi by Peppe DiSpirito at "The Rotter's Club". This much seems clear- he likes what we do.


8/8/03: announcing the release of "The Teller-Ulam Configuration", the new all drumset CD from Hyam R. Sosnow.


7/29/03: review of Jugalbandi: 1999 & J99/Deep Cuts in the new issue of Aural Innovations


4/29/03: Jugalbandi: 1999 gets its first (large) bit of public airing on Screamin' Streamin' Audio's latest show, which features "Uncle Sun" (all 21:13 of it) from disc one.  



Jugalbandi: 1999 is ready! We bring you the harvest of the unnamed studio and the lost church of Sandy blvd.! The sound quality is actually even better than J2K- in 15 years of working with Hyam, I've never heard the drums sound better. The whole thing sounds as live as it is- sounds like you're standing in the room with us. For purchase info, go here, to our spiffy new Merchandise page.

Also in the news tonight: The ILCS (Improvisation Level Classification System) has undergone a change and is now divided up into 6 levels because, after all, this is America and more is better, dammit. (We actually found a functional flaw and had to correct it. This is only the 2nd time it's been used, so there was bound to be some additional testing necessary. And besides, the dog ate our homework, and there was a traffic jam, and our mothers were so sickly they could never have children.) For those who find this sort of thing fascinating and want to know the details, go to our page on the system.



I just received word from the Gagliarchives radio show that this Saturday night, 3/8, " in our 4th Hour Space Out", there will be "music from Greg Segal and Jugalbandi". No word on which tracks will be played, but the show's host and producer, Thomas Gagliardi, does have "In Search Of The Fantastic" and the entire Jugalbandi 2000 set, so who knows? Let's tune in and find out. Info for the show is as follows:

Click Here To listen Saturday night @ 10pm-2am Eastern at WBZC.org:


Click Here To Listen Through Aural Moon Radio http://www.auralmoon.com:

http://live.str3am.com:2010/ (Broadbanders)

http://live.str3am.com:2020/ (Dial Uppers)

Instant message us through AOL IM = GAGLIARCHIVES

Our Stations: 88.9FM and 95.1FM in the Delaware Valley (NJ/PA/DE) 


2/12/03: There is a Greg Segal interview (for Jugalbandi) at the Argentinian site Nucleus.

ETA for Jugalbandi: 1999 is looking like March. Meanwhile, work continues on the Hyam Sosnow solo disc, and plans are still on for Cold Sky and possibly even Dog Neutral releases within the year.


12/9/02: Screamin' Streamin' Audio's current show features "My Yiddishe Boogie".

12/8/02: There's a great new review of "Yellow Star Mailing List" at Pooter's Psychedelic Shack, completing his review of the J2K set. Follow the link and scroll down.

ETA for the Jugalbandi: 1999 set looks more like February now. Meanwhile work has also begun on a set of "Cold Sky" releases (this being the first project being the first to feature the Segal/Sosnow combination), and even on the Dog Neutral material (DN being the second project for the thermodynamic duo). Look for more news here as it develops.

11/22/02: "My Yiddishe Boogie", from "The Cram And Stuff Method", is part of this date's webcast from DrugMusic.

10/22/02: new reviews of "Cram" and "Yellow" at Progressiveworld.net

10/10/02: Work has begun on "Jugalbandi: 1999!". It will be two discs and will be offered on the Great Artiste 89 equivalent of the PAle series- budget, $6 each ($12 for the set). No guess as to how soon it will be available, but we hope it will be by the end of the year.

 9/24/02: There's a review of "View" at Progressiveworld.net  

8/6/02: A splendid new review of "View" has appeared at Splendid E-zine.

7/21/02: Prog Rock author Jerry Lucky devotes a couple of paragraphs to Jugalbandi and Greg Segal solo albums in his latest editorial at Ghostland.

7/18/02: There's a boss new review of "Cram" at Splendid E-zine.

7/1/02: There's a new section up for Hyam's writings. To begin with there are 3 pieces: Hyam's 5 most important drum CDs, The Role of Drums In Music, and The Fallacy of the War On Drugs.

6/26: There's a new review of "Yellow" at Splendid E-zine; and Screamin' Streamin' Audio has 2 shows posted featuring Jugalbandi: the current one (listed as 6/27) with "Remembering Precognition", and the 6/10 show featuring "The Cram And Stuff Method", all 26 minutes of it.

6/18/02: Check out the reviews section- there are more, the newest being the just added review of "Cram" over at Prognosis. We also got a great review of the entire set in issue #24 of Expose. The layout of the site has been changed for easier navigation.

1/22/02: As can be seen on the main page, the list of reviews has grown. We're getting airplay around the world too. And there have been a couple of interviews with Greg which cover Jugalbandi as well as his other pursuits, past and present. Hyam's past is beginning to turn up here, with the "Pulse" and "Revolver" pages- more to follow. Also, we've added a diagram of Hyam's slightly overwhelming drum kit, as used on the "Jugalbandi 2000" recordings. (Hyam is never at rest with the arrangement of things, always looking for ways to improve it; diagrams for the 1993 and 1999 recordings would look different both from each other and from what's currently posted. And he's just made some major changes again!)

9/6/01: Over a year since our last update! Yikes! In that time, Jugalbandi 2000 was released and has been reviewed at The Improvisor and in Progression Magazine (see front page for links). Distribution continues....slowly! More people are finding out about us now.

The band has decided that the set will be a limited edition of 500, at this time not seeking an option for a 2nd pressing. Also, due to production difficulties, the disc labels will be changing to a simpler format. So those of you who have the picture labels- hang on to them! They are the bonus in an already limited set. Ironically this all comes at a time when distribution and interest is rapidly increasing- so stay tuned, you never know which way this will go...

Hyam is in the process of building a music space for the band to rehearse and record. When this is done, not only will work on a new project begin, but we will be completing the masters for "Jugalbandi Classic" and "Jugalbandi:1999!"

8/21/00: The "Jugalbandi 2000" 3-disc set is nearly ready to go- the covers are at the printers now and should be ready by the end of the month. Full sets will come with a special additional illustrated booklet telling the story of the set, band history, and "The Jugalbandi Manifesto". The discs will also be available individually. The titles: "The View Is Better From The Top Of The Food Chain"; "Yellow Star Mailing List"; and "The Cram And Stuff Method". Each features over 70 minutes of music, recorded live to DAT. CD booklets contain full liner notes for each track, photos, detailed equipment information, and "The Jugalbandi Improvisation Level Classification System", which indicates how much improvisation (and what type) was going on in each piece. The discs themselves feature custom labels and artwork.

6/29/00: The Jugalbandi 2000 project is coming along. CD masters are being finished, the covers and booklets are designed and almost done, business matters are being attended to. Hyam is recovering quickly from a surgery performed on his shoulder on the 15th.

5/20/00: The covers for the Jugalbandi 2000 discs are coming along nicely. We are hoping to have all the basic work on the masters and the covers done by the end of the month.....

5/1/00: A running order has been set for the Jugalbandi discs. Some material had to be cut, but may surface at a later date. Total for the Jugalbandi discs soon to be available is now at 6. The Classic Jugalbandi collection will include the long distance improvisational recording experiment, "Retirement".

4/00: In a four day session, over 7 hours of new material is recorded (live to 2-track DAT as always) and the old material is organized into collections. There is one collection from '93, and two from the 1999 sessions. For the 2000 sessions, we first thought we'd be breaking the material down into 4 60 minute CDs, but are now considering 3 at around 70 minutes, minus a few pieces. All the material is new. (We did do a version of the old Dog Neutral standard, "Ivy Mike", but have opted to leave it off in favor of new material.) The pieces were either improvised or composed from ideas that came out of improvisations.



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