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limited edition of 500

3 disc set recorded live to DAT April 1-4, 2000

The View Is Better From The Top of the Food Chain, Yellow Star Mailing List, The Cram And Stuff Method

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"Highly recommended to fans of all-instrumental prog, rock-fusion, and great improv work."

-Jim Chokey, Expose' (issue #24)

"To the casual onlooker a band with just drums and one guitar probably sounds very boring but....Hyam (Sosnow) is no 'ordinary' drummer and Greg (Segal) is no 'ordinary' guitarist...Couple this with the fact that Hyam uses every inch of his kit and Greg does the unimaginable with that effects rig and you begin to appreciate the scope of these three brilliant albums. I have played bits of these albums to visitors to my house and they have neither believed that it is only 2 people making all that 'noise'nor have they believed that there is 'only' a guitar in some of the sections."

-Pooter, pOoTer's pSycheDelic shAcK

"This instrumental format challenges its players to generate enough information that one's ears don't miss the accustomed 'other' instruments. Jugalbandi meets this challenge're not even thinking about minimal-stark-bare bones; you're just getting off on what these guys can do."

-Larry Nai, Progression Magazine (issue #39)

"My Yiddishe Boogie" from "The Cram and Stuff Method"

$10 each -or- $25 for the set

money orders only please (postal money orders preferred)

In the US: $2 S&H for single disc, $4 for 2-3 discs

Outside the US: $5 S&H for single disc, $8 for 2-3 discs

Larger orders please contact Great Artiste 89 for details.

Make payable to Hyam Sosnow and send to:

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