Bryan Davis' Visionary Encounters

with the music of Jugalbandi



NIGHT CRAZY, my first encounter with Jugalbandi, is the first set from their 2003 recording sessions. The focus of this writing is on the title track.

In total darkness, on headphones, at 3:00 in the morning, it struck me that I was witnessing the genesis of a world, as this sixteen-minute opus unfolded.

Moving seamlessly from moments of hypnotic beauty (realized through the weaving of delicate cymbalwork with subtle, gently undulating patterns of luminous tone-fields) through increasingly dark and monstrous passages gasses coalesce cells divide and mutate minerals crystallize bone forms blood roils and courses through the body nerves eyes life and death and blood and birth the dawning of consciousness the torture of flesh and soil by the radiation of the sun great deserts melting into vast fields of glass rotting flesh worms decay nourishing the soil dust swirling into the atmosphere dust of the ancient fragment of dust swirling in my eye

Oh, yeah, the rest of the album ain't half bad either.